IndigiSpace Business Development Program

Empowering Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Next program starts 26th of July 2019

Our 12 month Indigenous business development program starts on the 19th of July 2019.

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The IndigiSpace program breaks down the barriers to business development

As an Aboriginal business we know many of the issues for starting and building a business and have developed a program to support Indigenous businesses to develop, build and grow. Our business development program, specifically for Indigenous businesses is conducted over 12 months, providing ongoing development, support, mentoring and tools to grow ideas and businesses, starting off with the IndigiPitch weekend on the 19th of July 2019.

You gain a new confidence in yourself and your business, a validated business model, learn how to best tell your story to a variety of audiences, walking away with a direction for your business and new ecosystem for support.

The program is filled with many exciting guest speakers, connections, networking opportunities, engaging social impact and business workshops and opportunities to learn from successful entrepreneurs.


Program Outcomes

Let yourself be opened up to many exciting opportunities though the Indigispace Business Development program. From the start at the IndigiPitch weekend and then over the 12 month program you will learn, share, connect and be opened to many new and and exciting opportunities to develop your ideas and businesses.

The program gradually builds towards a validated business model, tried and tested pitches across different formats, a better understanding of business, networking and connections, business promotion and a gained confidence in both yourself and your business.

Many of these outcomes include:

  • Business validation – tested and validated ideas and businesses
  • Refined and delivered presentations delivered across events, social media and other formats
  • An understanding of how to best tell your story and promote yourself and your business
  • Opportunities to share your story and promote your business products and services
  • Established goals and plans to give you a clear direction for your business
  • Part of an established Indigenous business community
  • Build a validated business model – gaining clarity on your business model, a holistic picture across 20+ key elements that go into deriving and communicating your model.
  • Basic marketing plan – A strategy of how to best market your business
  • Financial projections – Long term business financial forecasts
  • Networking and connections to industry and investors
  • Ongoing business engagement, development and mentoring
  • Business operational tools and learning to best help you run your business

Creating Opportunities


  • The program starts with the IndigiPitch weekend where we come together to spend 3 days in a super fun, safe, interactive, learning and an immersive environment where participants collaborate and get inspired by each other. You come out of the weekend with a clearer direction of where you are going with your business.
  • Across the 12 month support program we expose you to many of the fundamentals you need to develop and grow your business.
  • We have a number is great presenters, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors involved imparting their knowledge and experience to help you learn, share and connect.
  • The program helps you set yourself up with clear plans and goals for your business.
  • There is a series of workshops and events, both online and offline across the 12 months. You have access to mentors as we check in with you regularly to ensure you are on the right path.
  • The program is co-facilitated by Brendan Bishop, a Kamilaroi and Kooma Indigenous business trainer from Queensland, Elisa-Marie Dumas, Programs Leader at Investible and IndigiSpace.

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