Indigenous Entrepreneur Virtual Program

Creating opportunities to develop and grow your business

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IndigiSpace wants to help you navigate through these challenging times and develop a successful business.


Join us for our exciting 10 week program where ever you are located or what ever stage you are in your business.
Let us help you create, build and grow your business today.

The IndigiSpace virtual program helps break down the barriers to developing and growing a business

As an Aboriginal business we know many of the issues faced with starting and building a successful business, especially through the challenging times we find ourselves in currently. IndigiSpace has developed a virtual program that supports you through the current environment, that helps you create and share your unique stories as you develop a validated business model around that.

The 10 week program provides you with a platform to develop and grow your business or great idea. We help you get clear on what it is you are doing, what you are trying to achieve and the big why behind your business. We help you get some clarity as you develop and validate your business model, addressing the real reason and purpose behind the business.

The virtual program, specifically for Indigenous businesses provides ongoing development, support, mentoring and tools to grow ideas and businesses. You gain a new confidence in yourself and your business, a validated business model, learn how to best tell your story to a variety of audiences, walking away with a clear direction for your business and new ecosystem for support.

The program creates an opportunity to define, develop and grow your business working with world class mentors, investors and trainers, whilst connecting you with great entrepreneurs and the Aboriginal business community.

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Program Outcomes

Let yourself be opened up to many exciting opportunities for you and your business though the Indigenous Entrepreneur Virtual Program.  From the start of the program you will learn, share, connect and be opened to many new and exciting opportunities to develop your great ideas and business.

The program, held over a 10 week period, gradually builds towards a validated business model, tried and tested pitches across different formats, a better understanding of business, networking and connections, business promotion and a gained confidence in both yourself and your business.

Many of these outcomes include:

  • Business validation – tested and validated ideas and businesses
  • Refined and delivered presentations delivered across events, social media and other formats
  • A clearer understanding of business fundamentals
  • An understanding of how to best tell your story and promote both yourself and your business
  • Opportunities to share your story and promote your business products and services
  • Established goals and plans to give you a clear direction for your business
  • Build a validated business model – gaining clarity on your business model, a holistic picture across 20+ key elements that go into deriving and communicating your model.
  • Basic marketing plan – A strategy of how to best market your business
  • Financial projections – Long term business financial forecasts
  • Networking and connections to industry and investors
  • Ongoing business engagement, development and mentoring
  • Business operational tools and learning to best help you run your business
  • Being part of an Indigenous business community across Australi

Creating Opportunities


Program Structure

  • A ten week focused entrepreneurial program commencing with a 3 day bootcamp and then weekly workshops, mentoring and catch up sessions as you work together with other program participants.
  • The program is conducted online and helps connect with you where ever you are situated across the country, you just need a good internet connection and computer.
  • The program starts with a bootcamp help over the week, starting with a group bonding session at the start of the week and then 2 days of training at the end of the week.  
  • The bootcamp, held over 3 days will be very hands on, getting you involved and active working with a variety of other Indigenous businesses.
  • Weekly workshops, one on one and mentoring sessions with participants.  All workshops are recorded so if you aren’t able to attend then you are able to catch up on your own time schedule.
  • Participants work on the development of their business through various tasks and activities across the program
  • Businesses are involved in a development program that helps shape their business, develop clear plans and goals, develop and validate a business model and learn how to best tell the unique story behind their business.
  • Our program is run through an online training platform.
  • We connect you to an Indigenous “Glowworm” business group from around Australia.

The program is presented and supported by leading entrepreneurs, experts, industry leaders, companies, investors and growth mentors imparting their knowledge and experience to help you learn, share and connect.

It is also lead facilitator is Brendan Bishop, a Kamilaroi and Kooma trainer from Indigenous Business Builders in Queensland, supported by Elisa-Marie Dumas, Programs Leader at Investible during the bootcamp and Greg Hodgkinson, a Wirangu Aboriginal man from IndigiSpace.

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